Trio streamlines on-boarding and off-boarding.

Trio streamlines on-boarding and off-boarding.

Who we are?

Sternx Technology is a fast-expanding software development team based in Germany.  We’re confident that we find the ultimate solution for managing devices remotely on any platform.

We provide needed features and simple, user-friendly solutions to overcome online obstacles and cyber threats.

Sternx found in its team the ability to develop innovative technology, improving the role of device management in the market. We aim to build the technology that solves real-world problems and become a leader in our industry.

Our Story

Saeed and Javad, our co-founders, worked in the field of network security for over two decades. Being a parent inspired them to create an app for making the internet a safer place for children around the world. This experience informed of the need for digital monitoring in businesses and organizations struggling with their cybersecurity and protecting their sensitive data. That’s how they decided to develop Trio — an mobile device monitoring and management (MDM/RMM) solution for protecting, managing, and monitoring corporate activities.

We have made it our mission to defend people and organizations against cybersecurity dangers, ensuring a safe space for them to harness the benefits of the digital age.

To realize this goal, we developed two versatile and highly capable solutions:

Safes is an application that allows parents and schools to monitor children’s digital behavior and promote healthy habits.

Trio is a software that allows for centralized management of a business’s IT assets and cyber security.

We’re a team of Creators, Data Scientists, Developers and Managers from all around the globe, excited to make our mark on the world and help people out there. We are dedicated to our purpose which is protecting everyone in the digital word.  

Saeed Alirezaei
Co-founder & CEO
Javad Zaeri Kamran
Co-founder and CTO

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