The Dangers of Sexting: Essential Knowledge for Parents

Sexting is the practice of creating and sharing lewd pictures or videos of individuals, primarily nude or barely dressed. Sending sexually explicit messages or emoticons is another example. Sexting occurs through messages, emails, game chats, and social media platforms. Young people may refer to it as sexting, as well as receiving and sending “nudes,” “dick […]

What’s the Safest Phone for Your Child?

Back when we were children, most of us didn’t own a phone until after high school. In contrast, as reported by Common Sense Media, more than 91% of children today have phones by the time they turn 18. Smartphones are more than just a tool for communication; they have a full-fledged wonderworld inside them that make any […]

10 Essential Web Safety Precautions for Your Child

Top 10 precautionary steps for kids to stay safe online

Internet can be a world of information, fun, and opportunity for growth and bliss, but only if you manage to weed out the ugly, destructive and distractive content and people. Yes, there are two categories to watch out for, the inanimate, and the animate.  We want to talk about the potentially hazardous living entities of […]

Top 10 things that would make you a good digital parent

If you are a parent taking on the job in the digital age, you must have felt varying degrees of frustration at least a couple of times. You must have sighed once or twice, thinking of simpler times, when all you had to do was to keep an eye on the bad seeds of the […]

Do parental control app aid Free-range parents or the helicopter-parents?

What is free range parenting Free range parenting is when a parent doesn’t believe in hovering over their child full time for fear of not compromising their safety. This style of parenting believes dangers and mistakes are a part of life, and the child has to deal with them without the constant meddling presence of […]