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Manage and Protect your Employees’, Students’,

and Children’s Digital World.

We Can Help you With:

Insufficient Security

Prevent financial and privacy losses.

Fragmented Security

Maximize security with a centralized architecture

Insufficient IT Structure

Support all your IT needs with a unified ecosystem

Bad User Experience

Enjoy an easy and seamless digital experience

Unhealthy Digital Habits

Encourage healthy behaviors and prevent harms

Being Single platform

Use our solutions on a wide array of devices & OSs

On the Frontlines Against
Cyber Chaos

Sit Back and Relax as we Shield you From Online Hazards.

Our Products:


Safes Parental Control

Now you can remotely monitor and shield your beloved children from online dangers and give them more independence to experience a safer online environment.Safes is a comprehensive, easy-to-use parental control app that allows you to keep tabs on what your children are exposed to through their digital devices—and intervene if necessary.

Safes School

Safes gives you the opportunity to decide how devices will be used in class meetings, lessons, and homework.

  • User-friendly and designed to help schools
  • Can supports a large number of student devices.
  • Can assign class numbers and other student info to each device.
  • Customized class profiles with specific rules and settings for each class or grade level.
  • Bulk device pairing made fast and easy.
  • Parental sharing to inform parents of children’s in-school digital behavior.

Safes Family

Safes protects and secures your children in the vast world of the Internet. You can use it to monitor your child while maintaining their independence.

  • Monitor your children’s text messages, searches, emails, screen time, and app activity.
  • Share your location with your child and track your child’s location.
  • Manage numerous accounts from a single platform.
  • Filter unwanted website contents.
  • Schedule your child’s screen time to prevent sleep problems.


Pulling the IT Strings, Securely

As working remotely grows more popular, businesses are becoming more reliant on mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Trio is a cloud-based, cross-platform mobile device monitoring and management (MDM)/RMM solution developed by Sternx Technologies. It helps you monitor, manage, and secure all of your company’s IT devices from a single place.

IT Management Simplified

Using Trio, the IT manager can install and update all the necessary software and tools, apply desired security policies, and lock, wipe, detect, or encrypt all company-owned and personally owned employee devices. All these processes can be performed remotely and over-the-air (OTA), eliminating the need to physically bring devices to the IT department.

Available for All Devices

To simplify the challenge of pairing devices with different operating systems, we designed Trio as a cross-platform solution, making it compatible with all major operating systems, including:

  • Windows 
  • MacOS
  • IOS
  • Android

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